Thursday, 1 November 2012

don’t lose all your money like this guy did…

If you use Wordpress in any part of your business then you need to check this out…

What I’m about to tell you will save you time, guarantee you business security and give you full control over your online presence. Listen...

Imagine that you wake up one day and your Wordpress sites have been hacked or are all down. Now imagine that you have no recent backups or equally as bad, you have backups but you need to apply them to multiple sites… argh… you’ve just lost a massive amount of time and most likely income too!

The basic facts are that when using Wordpress in your business you ARE vulnerable. Period.

Unless your sites are properly secured then it is genuinely only a matter a time before your income gets affected by hackers… or quite simply, certain plugins stop working on your site and bring it to a standstill.

Most marketers have more than 1 Wordpress site. Most marketers earning a decent income have many more. Try 50 or 100 Wordpress websites…

Now imagine trying to fix all 100 hacked sites or upgrade any plugins across all those installations! How long do you think that would take?

Hours and hours wasted that you could be spending actually earning money instead!

Why am I telling you this?

Because I’ve found something that will save you time, ensure your business security and give you full control of all of your website updates, security and backups at once!

It’s called WP Pipeline

And if you use Wordpress in your business then it will be the most important plugin you ever use.

You could try to do everything it does by hand but the problem with that approach is it will take weeks of your time!

You see WP Pipeline provides your business with:

Full security and protection against hackers!

Time and money saved by keeping all of your blogs current and updated by clicking just one button!

Details and data on all your sites so you can spot any income losing errors right away!

And much, much more…

This is hands down THE most useful Wordpress plugin I have used… and you too can now start saving time and money with it today!

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