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WP Pineline Review

WP Pipeline

Until disaster struck and I lost a blog that was making me around $3k a month!!

It was a collection and forget journal that created a cash from Adsense. The computer program rankings were thus sturdy that I did not even ought to do any link building. I virtually left it to run and smiled whenever I checked my Adsense account and located free cash in there..

Then, one day I detected that I hadn't created any cash from it that day so went and checked the journal. There was an outsized notice throne speech that I had been hacked by the "Killin Eegles". Not an enormous drawback I believed as my webhost had a backup...

WP Pipeline

Well, truly it clad that they did not have a backup. And nor did I. :(
Upon investigation, it clad that that they had been ready to hack the location as a result of a vulnerability in AN recent plugin that I had. What was additional annoying to seek out was that within the current version of the plugin, the vulnerability had already been fixed! Thus it had been just about my fault for not keeping my website} up to date… that gets laborious to recollect after you have only 1 site - coupled with many, or 100 or more!
A monthly loss of $3k is tough to swallow, however there wasn't abundant I may do excluding begin the journal once more and hope that Google gave Maine an equivalent love that that they had done before. They did not.
It was a chess lesson. However what I did learn was:
 invariably keep AN up to this point, full website backup
 invariably keep your plugins, themes and computer code up to this point
Trust Maine once I say that you simply don't wish this to happen to you. It's a true slap within the face once you have got to work thus laborious on a website, to not mention any lost income… that actually hurts!
You apprehend and that I know that you simply 'should' be frequently changed your plugins, themes and Wordpress computer code itself but…
Are you truly doing it? And if not, then why not?


The 3 Groundbreaking Benefits You'll See When Using WP Pipeline

1. Security

wordpress securityAwful things can happen if you don't keep your blog software and plugins up to date:
Ever heard of hackers?
Let me tell you how hackers work with Wordpress. First they find a vulnerability or in hacking speak 'a black hole'. This is a bug within the software itself or within a plugin.
The next step, is that they find all other blogs that have this vulnerability and get to work.
It could be that they just act maliciously on your blog by replacing files with their signature files.
It could be that they replace your AdSense or Amazon affiliate code with their own so that you lose income.
It could be that they then use your blog to send out millions of spam emails resulting in your reputation going down the tube and being banned by your web hoster.
The best case scenario is that you have a backup and get your blog online again quickly.
The worst case scenario is that your hosting service shuts you down or that you are blacklisted by Google and penalized by the other search engines.
But let's look at the next step:
Usually, the vulnerability is patched fairly quickly. So, the plugin developer releases a new version or Wordpress release a new version of their software.
Then, what the hacker does is to search for blogs that have NOT updated as they know that those blogs are still wide open to perform their evil magic.
In short, the quicker that you upgrade to the latest versions, the less chance you have of being hacked.
And if you think that it wouldn't happen to you, do a search on google for Wordpress Blog Hacked and you will see over 3 million reports of other people having had it happen to them.
Once again, a MASSIVE way to be almost certain that it doesn't happen to you is to make sure that your plugins and installs are up to date.
WP Pipeline takes care of your Wordpress security and updates for you simply and easily.

2. Save Time/Money

save your time and moneyHopefully by now you realize the importance of security and keeping your Wordpress blog up to date with the latest software and plugins.
The next step is to find a way to put this into action without spending hours doing it yourself every day or paying someone else to do it.
WP Pipeline will update all of you plugins and themes for you. It will even make sure that your Wordpress version is up to date. WP Pipeline will do this across every single blog that you and/or your clients have.

WP Pipeline will also save you time and money by:
  • Backing up all of your blogs
  • Creating new blogs for you
  • Cloning your blogs
  • Deploy single or multiple themes or plugins across all of your blogs by clicking just one button

3. Control

wordpress controlSomething that is extremely important if you have just one blog or if you have a thousand blogs is control. Or using another word, organization.
Being able to control and organize your entire online Wordpress presence gives you a massive advantage over any competitor. You will be getting up to the minute reports and statistics across your entire virtual real estate.
WP Pipeline will help you with this organization by:
  • Letting you know exactly what blogs you have
  • Having all of your usernames and passwords in one central location
  • Informing you when one of your blogs is down
  • Informing you when plugins, themes or software needs updating
Due to the time which it usually takes to have this control it is something which you probably let slide which means that your blogs are not up to date and probably not performing as you want them to.
By setting up WP Pipeline, in just a few minutes, you will have an instant realtime overview of all of your blogs!

Manage All Of Your Wordpress Blogs From One Location


Update Wordpress Versions, Themes and Plugins

When any of your blogs need to be updated, you will be informed on your dashboard. You can then choose to just update that blog, or update any blogs that need to be updated.
  • update each blog individually
  • update all of your blogs by clicking just one button
  • update just the themes
  • update just your plugins
  • update just your Wordpress installations

update wordpress themesDeploy Wordpress Themes and Plugins

If you want to upload a new theme or plugin to one of your blogs or to multiple blogs, then you can do this in just a few clicks from your dashboard. You can also deactivate plugins or themes in the same way. This works the same way with either single themes or plugins or multiple themes and plugins.
  • choose any of the themes or plugins from the official Wordpress depository
  • choose any themes or plugins you have purchased or created which are on your computer
  • install on all of your blogs or just those that you select

new wordpress blogCreate New Blogs

If you want to create a new blog with a particular set up, then you can do this from the main dashboard in just a few clicks. You are able to create and save multiple profiles which are based on blogs that you already have. This is particularly powerful if you want to set up a large number of blogs with the same setup.
  • Create a clone of an existing blog
  • Create a totally new installation

activate wordpress themeActivate and Delete Themes and Plugins

Sometimes you no longer want to use a theme or a plugin on your blogs. By clicking a few buttons, you can deploy this across all of your selected blogs.
  • Activate/Delete a theme or plugin on just one blog
  • Activate/Delete multiple plugins on a blog
  • Activate/Delete just one or multiple themes and plugins on multiple blogs

wordpress groupingBlog Grouping

You will often find that you have different kinds of blogs that you want to put into groups. Or perhaps you have different clients and want to keep them separate.
WP Pipeline enables you to create as many groups as you like and put all of your different blogs in different groups. You can then pull up just the group of blogs which you want to manage.

wordpress user managementUser Management

This is an incredibly powerful feature which allows you to give multiple users access to your dashboard. Each one can have different permissions on what they are allowed to do and what blogs they have access to. This is very useful if you have clients, employees or even if you want to sell certain blogs and give them temporary access.
  • Give different permissions to different Wordpress users
  • Restrict access to certain blogs to certain users
  • Restrict access to groups of blogs to certain users

wordpress back upBacks up your blogs

From one central location, you can set up scheduled backups for your blogs so that if tragedy does happen, then you can easily restore the backup.
  • Backup on demand or on a schedule
  • Sends backup files via email, ftp, AWS or locally

wordpress managementBlog Management

WP Pipeline makes it extremely easy to add or delete blogs from your dashboard.
  • Add blogs individually
  • Add multiple blogs via the import function

wordpress directoriesCentral Plugin and Theme Directories

You probably have a lot of plugins and themes that you have bought or use regularly. WP Pipeline will enable you to keep a library of all of these plugins and themes so that you can easily find what you want.

WP Pipeline

Thursday, 15 November 2012

What is WP Pipeline? why it is very important for online marketers
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If you have got already detected concerning WP Pipeline and what it will then you'll skip this half. If not here it's. WP Pipeline may be a WordPress plugin that gives bushed one resolution for WordPress security, backups and update.

Imagine having a large network of WordPress blogs that should be updated with a WordPress installation, themes and plugins whereas this activity consumes your whole time from acting on vital comes. If you ever neglect to stay them updated your website may be a victim of security vulnerabilities. Most WordPress users don't seem to be awake to the importance of keeping their WordPress installation, plugins and themes updated. My purchasers themselves try this mistake. Once your web site is targeted by hackers then its too late.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

don’t lose all your money like this guy did…

If you use Wordpress in any part of your business then you need to check this out…

What I’m about to tell you will save you time, guarantee you business security and give you full control over your online presence. Listen...

Imagine that you wake up one day and your Wordpress sites have been hacked or are all down. Now imagine that you have no recent backups or equally as bad, you have backups but you need to apply them to multiple sites… argh… you’ve just lost a massive amount of time and most likely income too!

The basic facts are that when using Wordpress in your business you ARE vulnerable. Period.

Unless your sites are properly secured then it is genuinely only a matter a time before your income gets affected by hackers… or quite simply, certain plugins stop working on your site and bring it to a standstill.

Most marketers have more than 1 Wordpress site. Most marketers earning a decent income have many more. Try 50 or 100 Wordpress websites…

Now imagine trying to fix all 100 hacked sites or upgrade any plugins across all those installations! How long do you think that would take?